Testing still alive

Stellar Emperor Alpha testing. Builds may have a short period of working operation. Gameplay operations may change drastically from day to day. Feel free to join in the testing.
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Testing still alive

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Re: Testing still alive

Post by Cossid »

Yes, it is still up, but there are not really any players.

I try to keep an active war going for anybody who wishes to try or test it out, and can create new ones on demand. Feature-wise, it is pretty much complete. I'm working on documentation and possibly getting some better artwork.

You appear to have an old account, so you can log in at http://alpha.stellaremperor.com ( https://alpha.stellaremperor.com/Accoun ... swordReset if you can't remember your password) and the download link is to the left.
--Cossid AKA Caleb
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Re: Testing still alive

Post by beaker »

yep quite true, willis is always working on those anti-beaker rules... I usually try to keep myself in a war, if I can get a start on it that is :)
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Re: Testing still alive

Post by Hellfire »

Just got the email about the first 4 week war. I'll be joining that for sure. I'll probably hop into the current test war as well to framilirize myself again.

got to learn to fly again lol. I was never good at PM anyways but i was like 12 back than. Maybe in my 30's it will make sense to me.
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Re: Testing still alive

Post by Hetulik »

Just popped into the game Caleb. Nice job. Much further polished since the last time i was in the game quite a few months ago.

I'll definitely do my best to participate somewhat in the war that is starting. I have significantly less free time now than my college days back when i first found SE. But want to do my best to be part of the revival and contribute.

Thanks for your efforts and i continue to be very impressed. It is very exciting to see how this game continues to progress.