Minor Bug: Color Map

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Minor Bug: Color Map

Post by Tafoid »

The default color for Indigo is actually Cyan, I believe. Maybe we can have both :)
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Re: Minor Bug: Color Map

Post by Cossid »

Surprisingly enough, I am well aware of this.

I wanted to add a color in the light blue spectrum that had a keyboard shortcut, and I was available and didn't conflict, but as you point out, Indigo is a tricky color. I will instead replace this with T for Turquoise, and drop indigo, as it is already better represented by Violet/Purple (P).

I was trying to stick to the ROYGBIV nomenclature, but obviously V conflicted, and there is great confusion between B & I (Blue in ROYGBIV is actually cyan, and Indigo is actual a blue-violet), so I will just use Turquoise as the extra color that contrasts well.

Turquoise will probably be the last color with a keyboard shortcut, but I am also adding a few other well-contrasting options to the drop down in the color list manager.
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