Beta War 4 Rules/Changes

Stellar Emperor Beta testing. Builds may have a short period of working operation. Gameplay should be mostly stable, but is subject to bug fixes and rebalancing.
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Beta War 4 Rules/Changes

Post by Cossid »

Below are the expected rule changes for Beta War 4 which will be starting on Dec 13th

Rules that are certain:
  • No mules - will be enforced.
  • 2048 Star, 49 Prov galaxy
  • 6 Player teams
  • 7 Planets per player, 6 scoring
  • Return ratio for non-blackhole planets will remain the same as Beta War 3.
  • Alliance drops & Troop trading will remain enabled
  • 7 Wormhole pairs
  • OCC & Troop strafing points are being reversed. It will now be 0.005 points per troop OCC'd, 0.01 points per troop ATT'd (this will remain for all wars moving forward).
  • OCC time will be increased from 0-2 seconds to 4 seconds. ATT time will be reduced from 10 seconds to 6 seconds. (this will remain for all wars moving forward).
  • Layout 2 will be the default. (the old layout can still be accessed with the "layout 1" command)
  • You will be unable to missile yourself (Proof has been provided that this was removed in late Gamestorm versions).
Rules that are probable/uncertain:
  • Gun & Fighter costs will be equaled at 125 (The middle-ground between the two in the Beta War 3).
--Cossid AKA Caleb

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