EVE as a TEMP setup

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EVE as a TEMP setup

Post by Mysticskyhawk »

So how many of you play EVE-Online ?
I have played on and off since its launch and just over last few months I have started playing it a lot, but alass its no SE :( , yeah yeah get off the BOO! Boo!! all you MW3 Freeks :P I mean that with the deepest love I really do, I never had the HONOR! of playing MW3 so I was only stuck with the Gamestorm: SE version of it, which I pray to playing something like that again someday!
Ok enough of the ranting, I would quit Eve in a heart beat and pay just as much to something like SE again even if the graphics where 10 to 15yrs old .. Much love to all of you helping recreate the game again :twisted:

Games Ive played and rank compaired to SE
Star Control:10 (Before SE):D this was the game before SE came along I compaired all to SC 1,2 and 3
and prob another dozen games ive tried since :) as for MMO's SE and EVE are only ones I can say I was addicted to
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Re: EVE as a TEMP setup

Post by Hetulik »

Hi Mysticskyhawk,
I also play EVE. I found it a bit over a year ago. EVE is definitely not SE, but it's as close as i've found to something addicting since SE days. What i liked about SE is there was a definite goal and rankings -- whereas EVE is a bit more open ended. (which has it's advantages and disadvantages)

In EVE I enjoy market operations, but my main interest is in PVP combat as time has gone on. I prefer to be based out of 0.0 space. I played more actively in the beginning of this year when i was on the BRUCE alliance in 0.0 space before the alliance fell apart. It was interesting being a part of a 2,000+ person team.

What is your name in the game? I did a search for Mysticskyhawk and couldn't find you. I'm Hetulik ingame. What parts of the game do you enjoy most? Are you on an alliance in 0.0 or in empire? Early on I did some searching for other ex-SE folks in the game but couldn't find any.

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Re: EVE as a TEMP setup

Post by 345420 MAV »

Hey Hetulik I remember you from my time on SE on gamestorm. I was MavericK I could never match your planet management abilities but I was pretty decent 1 v 1 fighter. I just randomly remembered the game today and did some looking up and found this website.

I was thinking of trying out EvE which when i read the description made me thing of SE days. If I start playing EvE I will look you up.

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Re: EVE as a TEMP setup

Post by WarpRat »

I think what surprises me is that many web sites will offer you games "FOR FREE" that are turn-based and exspect or hope for you to "upgrade" at a later date. Some of them give you colorful screen shots ( http://www.starportgame.com/) in hopes that you will fall for a pretty face.

It amazes me to this day that so few of these types of web sites STILL fail to realize what people want and that is SUBSTANCE and not so much pretty pictures.

I still dont understand why a game a simple as SE is not on-line FOR FREE after so many years . It would make a serious amount of money from advertisements alone if it was offered up to the on-line world. And with the graphics...everyone could play.
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Re: EVE as a TEMP setup

Post by Cossid »

Well, real-time and turn-based are two completely different methods of approach. Turn-based always has a solid option for handling downtime, and downtime is much harder to recognize. With real-time, downtime is easy to see and difficult to compensate for.

Next, you move on to purely method, downtime aside. Turn-based was designed for early internet web-browser interaction. Browsers and web standards are not the best at real-time events, though Web 2.0 standards have brought it a lot closer toward the methods of real-time.

Then you run into purely server-driven (turn-based) vs client/server (real-time) which makes a big difference on the substance itself.

And lastly, web advertising isn't what it once was. Not to say it is dead, but it can be difficult to turn profit on advertising alone, especially depending on how it is implemented and the size of the audience.

A company like EA has no interest in small crowds, they focus on the blockbusters where they know they can turn a profit. When it comes to games of profit, you'll find the big companies. When it comes to games of substance, you'll find the fans and hobbyists (and cults).
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Re: EVE as a TEMP setup

Post by Spectrum »

I will agree, web advertizing is WAY over rated.

In the begining before the DotCom bust, they were throwing around money. Now they track how much money they make from advertizing on your website.

I am not exactly sure who besides depends or viagra would want to sponsor a game from the 80's...
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