Mega Wars III The Rebirth and Warp Plus

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Mega Wars III The Rebirth and Warp Plus

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Hail Warrior!
You loved Mega Wars III so much you looked for a long dead game and I loved Mega Wars III so much I reproduced it. You will agree with me there is no game like it... until now.

Warp Plus is the sequel that is worth playing and I need your help. For the ultimate social game to work there must be players online playing the game.

I appeal to you to help us reach critical mass so the game can grow. Please join us on reset night and a few minutes every day or two for a rewarding fun time playing as a citizen of the coalition.

- War 2 begins 12/30 at 9pm EST
- War 3 begins 1/13 at 9pm EST

Please join us at any time. The quick start tutorial will get you into space and flying in a few minutes.

Thank you,

Player recommendations:
"Warp Plus! The logical evolution of the greatest online space game of all time! New GUI! Player Tutorial! Two new classes of player types allow for casual to hardcore play styles. New Economy let's you trade goods and arms.
The stars are YOUR's for the taking! See you in space!"
---Nostromo CIS/MW3 SL/FE/FP

"I melted my mom's credit card in 1984 trying to beat the dreaded Dorsai. By war 83 I'd finally managed to win a presidency - thanks to help from teammates like Pilot and Red Phoenix. I thought Megawars dead on several levels... but I was wrong. Warp plus is everything Megawars was... and more.
You can play for FREE. You can enjoy it with a minimum of commitment. And you'll see many of your old friends and enemies. I hope you'll join us on reset night. Should the Dorsai show up, you can count on me to join the resistance!"
Pancho, 2095 <fp>
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