Project Update - February 2012

Stellar Emperor Alpha testing. Builds may have a short period of working operation. Gameplay operations may change drastically from day to day. Feel free to join in the testing.
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Project Update - February 2012

Post by Cossid »

Greetings pilots and Stellar Emperor fans!

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, there hasn't been a lot of activity lately. That is not to say there has been no progress. On the contrary! I can now announce that the scales for a public playable alpha (which will include all core aspects of the game, but with simple visuals) is now measured in only weeks instead of the immeasurable 'when it's done'.

Where things are as of right now:
  • Planetary Management: Ready for testing, needs tweaks for burning/rioting
  • Combat: Complete, needs testing and feedback for tweaking. This will be one of the roughest areas.
  • Planetary Attacks: About 80% complete, this is my current area of focus, wrapping up cases where attacking figs outnumber remaining guns and troop strafing.
  • Galaxy Generation: This is only about 50-60% complete, I will get it closer to 75+% before launch of alpha. Needs improvements in planet orbit, addition of planetary types, better imp management, addition of wormholes.
  • Client: Ready for testing, quite lacking in graphics, most things are drawn with vectors for the time being, sounds or corny placeholders.
And to leave you hopefully wanting at least a little, here are a couple teaser screenshots (click for larger image):



Stay tuned for more official alpha testing!
--Cossid AKA Caleb
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Re: Project Update - February 2012

Post by freeqaz »

Looks sexy! I wanna play. :D
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Re: Project Update - February 2012

Post by beaker »

about time you get to work on my game :lol:
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Re: Project Update - February 2012

Post by Hetulik »

Very exciting Caleb. The screenshots look excellent! From poking around your previous pre-alpha iterations i was already impressed, can't wait to see all the features included in the game. Nice work and can't wait to the release!

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Re: Project Update - February 2012

Post by bishop »

Looking forward to this!!