Stellar Emperor Beta testing. Builds may have a short period of working operation. Gameplay should be mostly stable, but is subject to bug fixes and rebalancing.
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Bug Fixes:
  • Fix a bug where stacked commands would process in the player state when they were entered instead of executed.
  • DUMp was only using 1/3 of energy if trying to dump more than the ship's fuel capacity, instead of 2/3. Now corrected to 2/3.
  • Fix a bug where successfully launching a probe would provide an invalid command message.
  • Fix a bug where dropping only the for shields would cause the rear shields to drop and regain.
  • Fix Prov map to open to a specifically selected prov.
  • Make Menu Window come to focus when changing states (bring it to the front).
  • Fix bug where you were unable to destroy your own missile if it was your last one.
  • Reset combat timer upon death.
  • Fix a bug where switching to a ship with lower ammo capacities would cause double your excess ammo to be docked.
  • Improve file saving when removing many colors from Planet Library (hopefully this will resolve the crashing).
  • Fix an exception when sorting messages in the message center.
New Features:
  • Planetary Dispatch messages can now be deleted from web.
--Cossid AKA Caleb
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