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Hey was messing around last Wednesday (7-15) And found some sight that had the rights to the domain

So I filled out some info and asked what it would cost to own the domain name.
The web site told me that they would send me a letter or call me to let me know the selling price of the domain.

I didn't think anything of it since I have no intention of purchasing any domain name. Well 7am the very next morning my phone rings and a very polite women is on the other end.


me: hello?

polite women: Richard?

me: yes?

polite women: Yes Richard how are you this morning?

me: ahh I'm fine!

polite women: Yes well, it appears that you were interested in acquiring the domain name

me : umm sure yes ok !

polite women: Yes well it is available and the purchasing price is $51,000 ..yet that is negotiable!

me: :o Ah ok..let me talk to my wife (liying at this point)

disappointed women: So you are not interested at this time?

me: no I was just curious!

annoyed women: ahh ok...well ...bye! (CLICK)
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Post by Cossid »

Yep, has been listed on for $51,000 USD for quite some time now. I'll never really understand squatter pricing, there is hardly any search engine value in most domains that get squatted anyway.

Luckily the SE & MW3 domains got grabbed by fans, and not squatters :)
--Cossid AKA Caleb
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