Something I never noticed before...

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Something I never noticed before...

Post by Cossid »

I'm sure most of you have done searches for SE over the past few years, and have stumbled across Rich Sisson's page with a single image regarding the redesign he was a part of (he did graphics redesign on many Kesmai/Gamestorm games around the same time).

I always just kind of passed it on as a stock SE image.

But today for the first time, I noticed the ships are really strange. They look like some weird combination between birds and naval aircraft. I wonder how I'd never noticed that before... and I'm glad that that isn't what they ended up looking like!

--Cossid AKA Caleb
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Re: Something I never noticed before...

Post by sross »

You should see if they still have anything left to add to this game, if they can.
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